steve whipple    emily braden    nancy harms

Just two sparklin’ voices and a big ol’ bass!  Click on the individual names above to learn more about the friendly folks who make up this exciting jazz/roots/gospel/folk trio.

Started as a side project between three friends many moons ago (ok, ok, maybe 6 years? That’s awhile in NYC, trust us!) , DBDV is very proud to be sending a self-titled, full length recording out into the wild world!

From the opening finger-snappin’ arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon In the Sky” through a mix of gospel tunes, stark and spacious arrangements and swingin’ standards, this debut Double Bass Double Voice album is a genre-defying, ever surprising celebration of good, honest m u s i c. With just two voices and a bass, this unique trio may travel light but certainly covers a lot of ground!