4.5 star review in DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE :

“…a phenomenal concept on paper, but an even greater pleasure for the ears.”

“The songstresses’ harmonies give it a forested depth that, as in every song, reveals hidden messages, layers and textures.”

“Whipple’s robust stops…(his) cool bass line….it’s clear that his bass is as much a vocal presence as Harms and Braden.”

“The album’s highest lights, however, are its three spirituals, which bring out the soulfulness of this project in the most genuine way. “Woke Up This Morning/This Little Light Of Mine” makes for a timely diptych of freedom and hope, and the traded verses of “Traveling Shoes,” combined with Whipple’s tactile percussion, remind us in these politically wavering times of those who braved the bridges too many of us take for granted.”

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“Their rich expressiveness and rhythmic sensibilities, and their exquisite sense of harmony and interplay are brought to the foreground. There are no unnecessary sounds, but the bass ‘sings’ as well, utilizing a colorful pallet of techniques. In a sense, one could say that all three of them are singing together.”

– translated from the Japanese publication JAZZ LIFE

“Whether the material is hand-clapping gospel tunes, edgy rock classics, harrowing spirituals, or Tin Pan Alley standards, Double Bass, Double Voice offers simple, effective arrangements that challenge and delight the listener.”

-Thomas Cunniffe, Jazz History Online